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Turn Up Song Lyrics

Description:- ​Turn Up Lyrics Lil Baby ft. 42 Dugg are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by Famous Singer/Band Lil Baby. This song is form My Turn (Deluxe) album. This Song will release on 2020.

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Turn Up Lyrics Lil Baby
Turn Up Lyrics Lil Baby

Song:– Turn Up

Singer/Band:– Lil Baby

Featuring:– 42 Dugg

Album:– My Turn (Deluxe)

Written:– Lil Baby

Turn Up Lyrics Lil Baby ft. 42 Dugg

Lyrics from Snippet

[Lil Baby]
…Straight cookin’, one hunnid

[42 Dugg]
My bro went broke like jock
Fuck with that dog like Vick, my bed rock like pick
Five million dollar in my sock, can’t hold my Glock
We don’t really like that shit (I don’t)
Young turnt nigga, can’t wife no bitch (At all)
Excuse my French, don’t like no bitch (Nah)
Limo all tinted, all five of my cars, yeah, I had it hard
My bitch broke back, I ain’t had a heart (Skrrt)
Yeah, that’s us, two-tone AP, yeah, I’m bust
Got the head from her, ain’t even wanna fuck
Why? Slut, bye, nothin’ on me from sex, everything revive
Pussy nigga told on bro, shit to God
No he ain’t kill ’em dog, he ain’t even try
Still up in my last few nights in the hood
Take who chain? Ah, bitch, not good
Probably in somethin’ fast, shove the Glock in the hood
Courtside tickets, smell the Wock’ in the wood
First turn, nigga from the hood, they cursed
Flow in car, ’bout five my jewelry

[Lil Baby]
I get the numbers with numbers, it’s period
I got your BM wanna put on Amiris
First young nigga in the AT Range
We got fourteen mill’, shawty fourteen grams
Dope boy, geekers and diamonds and tinted
Don’t play, your boy, he is not one of them

[42 Dugg & Lil Baby]
I kept taking Ls, finally got me a M
Still making double, I’m tall when I stand
Ass fat, fifty 2018
Gotta be come twenty if you riding in the Benz
Young turnt niggas from the D to the A
You rockin’ with the lames, yeah, I’m rocking with the brave
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah we paid
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah we paid

[Lil Baby]
I’ma turn it up a lil’ more this time
Used to dream about gettin’ it, I got it on drive
I had a spot like a varsity, what did you have?
You ’bout twenty, I front what you by
I put on drip, I believe I could I fly
Niggas know that I’m rich, but they know not to try
I had a show in Detroit, and I start to review
I spent fifty on all the guys
All of these hoes in these stores make commission
And plus I’ma tip ’em, they hopin’ outside
Get in your car and just put on your flashers
And follow the hearse ’cause you said you gon’ ride
‘Cause somebody gon’ die if they fuck with us
Turn a five to a dime, that’s a double up
Fuck around, walk in church with my double cup
This shit to Heaven, I’m prayin’, I give it up
Tiger stay with the wood, make him give it up
Know I ran thru a mill’ every week off of weed
Bro beat the trap, I can get me some street
Got it back in the pickup, I won’t even leave
Run it up, fuck around, get a ‘Vette, DT
Keep a highball with me, I got lil’ DG
Chasin’ these papers…

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