Track Meet Lyrics Joey Trap | STFU

Track Meet Lyrics Joey Trap | STFU

Description:- Track Meet Lyrics Joey Trap are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by Famous Singer Joey Trap. STFU is the album of this song. This Song will release on 21st feb 2020.

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Track Meet Lyrics Joey Trap
Track Meet Lyrics Joey Trap

Song:– Track Meet

Singer/Band:– Joey Trap

Lyrics Of Track Meet Song By Joey Trap

Aight, let me talk real quick
These new niggas is gettin’ on my nerves, on god
Yo’, how many Louboutins have I bought before these niggas got a car?
Shit, I might have to give these niggas rides

[Verse 1]
You niggas might need a taxi
He’s textin’ me on the backstreet
I ran it up like a track meet
Niggas stole that flow from me
Now I’m just takin’ back seat
They said I wasn’t shit and that’s facts cause
If I wasn’t a thing then in fact your girlfriend wouldn’t be here in my back seat, yeah
Big ass clip, I might shoot at your face
Big ass dick, I might nut on her braces
That bitch 20, 21, uh, I meant that
She said she freaky, wanna fuck, okay bet
Heart attack, broke her face, broke her neck
She said she loved it, called a case, that was wack
Yous a liar, bitch, you said you wan’ get choked
I just wanna fuck, I really just want throat

Uhhh, I hate when freaky bitches lie and say they liked to get choked and then when you go crazy they just don’t know how to act

[Verse 2]
Bitch it’s Kloud God, I’m not Zeus
I might buy more shoes
I might, I might shoot
10 bands on my [?]
All gold zipper on the Balmains fit
All gold rollies [?]
[?], my nigga
Just 16 with a Glock, my nigga
Huh, I think I just raised the bar, uh
You niggas drunk, like a bar, uh
I think I’m high in the stars, uh
Haha, uh, or that’s just the Wraith
Henny with no chase
I might sip some water, lowkey
Yeah, gimme the pack and I might tax that
She gotta fatty, I might tap that
Gimme your addy, we pullin’ up to your pad
And then we gon’ pull out the rattle and go click-clack, ooh
I ride that bih like a boat with a sail on it
She suck my dick, then I bail on her
I got a pack in the box that says mail on it
Open it up and then sell it all
I’m from the street, man, I feel like Sesame
All of these bitches still be tryna have sex with me
Whip it and flip it, I know the recipe, remember me
Y’all niggas been sleeping and now you texting me

Fuckin’ swish, nigga
Recycled, and cut!

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