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Time Song Lyrics

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Time Lyrics Jack Harlow
Time Lyrics Jack Harlow

Song:– Time

Singer:– Jack Harlow

Album:– The Balancing Act

Producer:– Statik Selektah

Written:– Statik Selektah & Jack Harlow

Time Lyrics Jack Harlow

[Intro: Jack Harlow]
Turn my headphones down a little bit, yeah
(Statik Selektah)
No turn-turn my voice up a little bit

[Verse: Jack Harlow]
Nightmares about my deepest secrets out
Two months inside the crib, it’s time for me to leave the house
I wanna put my hands around the girl that I’ve been thinkin’ bout
At a distance I feel like she’s someone I would keep around but
When we’re together I be thinking “Damn, I need to get back to Atlanta”
I be thinking “Damn, I need to get back to the music”
Time keeps slipping, gotta watch the way I use it
Lot of new acquaintances, I watch the way they moving
Watch how much thought I’m putting in the way I look ’cause it’s gon’ wash away the soonest
The girls I talk to want the truth from me directly
But I tell ’em in my music, it’s an awful way to do it
I would like to find love before my time’s up
Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m young and I ain’t tryna rush
It just seems nice
But it’s tough when nobody matches up to the hype or really are the way they seem like
Right after Mac Miller died, Statik took me to the club and told me what a great person that he was
First person I had spoke to that was hurt the way he was
It stuck with me then and it still does
At times it feels like the end times
I feel like I’m gon’ get everything I want in time, but will it be in time?
A pandemic and climate change at the same time
Doesn’t make you feel like everything’s fine, quite the opposite
I’m a skeptic but I’m still quite the optimist
I’ma try to stay that way til I do not exist
I’m hoping for some more time, in fact a lot of it

[Interlude: Jack Harlow]
(Time, time)
I’m hoping for some more time
(Time, time)
I’m hoping for some more time, in fact a lot of it

Time, time, time
Time, time, time

Time is the most valuable currency in the world
Can never buy it back
Choose what you spend it on wisely

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