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Thank You Intro Lyrics Jon Connor
Thank You Intro Lyrics Jon Connor

Song:– Thank You

Singer:– Jon Connor

Written:– Jon Connor

Thank You Lyrics Jon Connor

You see, what they don’t understand is, nigga, the last thing I told my little cousin before he passed away is I wasn’t gon’ stop until I did it, so ain’t nothin’ none of these motherfuckers can do to stop me. Nigga, I miss the fuck outta y’all like y’all miss me, nigga, I ain’t never gon’ leave y’all again, I swear to God

[Verse 1]
I do this shit for more than the revenue, fuck what they tellin’ you
Quit, I will never do, feelin’ incredible
‘Cause when they testin’ you, what they don’t know
That’s just makin’ a better you
Making you stronger for all of the shit that’s ahead of you
Wait, let me set the mood; niggas like me?
I only met a few, I been through hell and did everything
I said I’d ever do, they set me up to fail
Hope I undersell, hope I run and go and tuck my tail
Hope I stop n hide under a rock and never come from under there
Me no takin’ Ls
This is Connor reportin’ from off the shelves
I been waitin’ to vic’, can you fuckin’ tell?
Whole summer I’m spittin’ that murder, nigga!
Whole summer I’m spittin’ that Son of Sam!
I say I’m the best ’cause I fuckin’ am
Me winnin’ was not in their fuckin’ plans
They were stretchin’ my patience, y’all
Felt like I was gon’ snap like a rubber band
Just a second to talk to my fuckin’ fans
No handouts for me, I’m a fuckin’ man
I ain’t askin’ nobody for shit
I ain’t askin’ for shit but a fuckin’ chance
Poison water runnin’ through my own town
Losin’ friends tryna put ’em on, now
Think about it, all the shit is addin’ up
And all the while they’re tellin’ me to slow down
How I ain’t go crazy, Lord, I don’t know how
Devil tried to keep me down at my lowest hour
It’s easy to keep your faith in God when you know his power

This go out to everybody that’s chasing something that’s bigger than they self, if you going through some bullshit right now where it just seem like everything coming against you, where it seem like don’t nobody want you to win, where ain’t nobody tryna lift you up – man, just keep your faith, stay strong, keep going


[Verse 2]
I been through broken promises, been sold dreams
Then, niggas did the opposite
All the while, been an optimist, that whatever God got for you
Nobody can stop the shit
The industry feelin’ like, “Why is this nigga not givin’ up?
The more we knockin’ him down, the nigga keep gettin’ up”
Prob’ly ’cause I told my little cousin that I wasn’t gonna quit
Until I did it, fuck no, I ain’t givin’ up (yeah)
I’m only human, I’m just skin and bone
Little nigga with a dream of gettin’ on
Yup, I’m back, made it off of that shelf
That they figured I’d be sittin’ on (yeah)
No matter what, don’t let it break you (yeah)
No matter how long that shit take you (yeah)
Just know that I appreciate you (yeah)
And to my true fans, I say “Thank You”

Thank you

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