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SweetTooth Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​SweetTooth Lyrics BONES are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer BONES. This song is from SCRAPS album. This song will release on 26 November 2021.

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SweetTooth Lyrics BONES
SweetTooth Lyrics BONES

Song:– SweetTooth

Singer:– BONES

Album:– SCRAPS

Producer:– Lyson

Written:– BONES

Label:– TeamSESH & EMPIRE

SweetTooth Lyrics BONES

I ain’t throwing up no hood
Bitch I’m straight up out the woods
Step and press, let’s wish you would
Had to smoke ’em like a wood
You get wrapped up, motherfuck backup
You get dropped before they show up
Only one reason, number one being
I ain’t ever trust your motive
Motor blowing, doja rolling
Please don’t tempt me, not today
Watch ’em pour up, till they throw up
Crack up a smile all in they face
I stay gleaming, steady scheming
Heavy they focus on my bank
Grip the steamer
Sugar beamer if thеy think this shit is sweet
I pull off like Twisted Metal
Hеavy pedal to the floor
.38 it never change, it never ask, they’ll never know
Some hop out the van, whip out the cannon
And they let it scream
Me I like the dark, so I’m in your room
Watching you while you dream

Get your act together (‘gether)
Get your act together (‘gether)
Tippy toe, like [?] when I’m creeping for the cheddar, cheddar
Get your act together (‘gether)
Get your act together (‘gether)
Dual-purpose pimp, proficient in any weather (weather)

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