Skiter LudeLyrics Kiana Ledé

Description:- Skiter Lude Lyrics Kiana Ledé are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous singer Kiana Lede. This Song is from Album KIKI This Song will  release on 3st April 2020.

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Skiter Lude Lyrics Kiana Ledé
Skiter Lude Lyrics Kiana Ledé

Song:– Skiter Lude

Singer:– Kiana Lede

Album:– KIKI

Written:– Derrick Milano & Kiana Ledé

Skiter Lude Lyrics Kiana Ledé

You’ve reached Kiana’s Ho Hotline
To talk to Kiana now, please press one
To leave a thirst trap message, please hang up now and go straight to DM’s
She probably won’t see it but hey at least you
Please hold you are the next nigga in line

Oh, you a lil’ funny guy
You got the jokes for days
You need a stage for all of the actin’, you put on a show today
Round of applause for you
Give him an Oscar too
You actin’ foolish, you bein’ a nuisance
You got nothing better to do
I can’t with you, I can’t with you
I can’t with you no more
You been actin’ out of spite, I must really got you tight
I must really rule your life, ruin your time
I can’t (I can’t) with you (With you)
Fuckin’ can’t, with you
I can’t with you no more, no more, no more

Please hold you are the next nigga in line

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