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Silly Lyrics SimxSantana
Silly Lyrics SimxSantana

Song:– Silly

Singer:– SimxSantana

Album:– Trenches 2 Riches

Producer:– Sap

Written:– SimxSantana & Sap

Silly Lyrics SimxSantana

Pick up my bags and I’m hitting the door
She wanna fuck me I already know
I’m a blockboy so I’m good on the stove
He can run up then we gon’ let it blow
And I can never put my trust in no hoe
I’m just coolin’ bagging work up with bro
And I’m just coolin’ bagging work up with bro
See, I’m just coolin’ bagging work up with bro
I got a nine with a laser, you can get shot do not play bout my paper
And I smoke like I’m from Jamaica
And I smoke the gas don’t do vapor
And my bitch off the [?], the potatoes
And I still show love for the haters
And I got a slug for these haters
We get hot in the [?] with these haters
I told brodie whip it, he gon’ remiss in the kitchen
He keep a pot in the kitchen, got Glocks with extensions
My niggas they grind on a mission, yes you can get shot in your biscuit
And I just be whippin, and I just be workin
And I just be workin’, I just be workin

[Verse 2]
I’m back again, I got my brothers [???]
I do not play when it comes to the bread
And you can get shot in the back of your head
I’m killing this money, it’s bloody, it’s red
Niggas stay sturdy while [???]
We play bye bye birdie got one in the head
I don’t think you heard me, take one to the head
I’m off the ACT and I’m leanin’
Bro off a xan, but he tweakin’
Ya’ll niggas act like ya’ll squeezin’
But nigga, we really squeezin’
And I whip my wrist, it’s anemic
Fuck it I got a new freezer
I fucked your bitch in a freezer
I just hit a lick in the freezer, gang

[Verse 3]
Bitch I’m a bully, got a new heater so go head, act silly
I swear to god all my youngins gon’ feel me
And you can get popped just like after the [???]
And I just be with it, and I just be with it
Got a Glock in the kitchen
We keep mops with extension
And I just be spinnin’, bendin’ through blocks so I’m grippin’ the Smithn’
Niggas talk heavy but swear they be bitchin’
[???] take a shot and I swear you go missin’
Gang, gang, and we just be with it
These niggas act silly

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