Run The Jewels Lyrics JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown


Description:- ​​​​Run The Jewels Lyrics JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown are Provided in this article. The track is lead by JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown. This Track belongs to SCARING THE HOES album. It is released on March 24, 2023.

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Run The Jewels Lyrics JPEGMAFIA
Run The Jewels Lyrics JPEGMAFIA

Song:– Run The Jewels
Singer:– JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown
Producer:– JPEGMAFIA
Written:– Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA
Label:– Warp

Run The Jewels Lyrics JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown

(You think you know me)

[Verse 1: JPEGMAFIA]
I feel like
I feel like boom (Fuck)
Torn a ride
Angry, short, willing to die (Willing to die)
Most my haters is scared won’t come outside, it’s making me cry (Facts)
Rappers step up get shit on like they in Dubai, telling no lie (What’s up)
The pride could fit in this ride
I don’t give fuck who niggas don’t like
Most y’all sorry-ass niggas won’t be like Mike, El-P and [?]
Made peace with ‘thai, y’all type beats is—
Walk it off, just beat the charge, I ain’t lost the call
When your voice get to singing like Aaron Hall
Just remember I always helped out my dawgs

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
(Check) Legendary, I done switched the style already
They all are scary
You can’t hit my line, try the secretary
Got fresh to death, sort of like my [?]
Just came out the morgue show ‘repped (Style)
Forced to carry, cannot catch me slippin’, you bitch niggas all get buried
[?] in sandals, dairy color, hard to handle (Haha)
Trample over competition (Uh)
They can’t hold a candle (Nah)
Make examples are everyone in this bitch that wanna try to fuck with Danny
Hall of fame plus stolen base
Bitch, I’m Mickey Mantle

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