Reckoning Lyrics August Burns Red

Death Below (2023 Album)

Description:- ​​​​Reckoning Lyrics August Burns Red ft. Spencer Chamberlain are Provided in this article. The track is lead by August Burns Red. This Track belongs to Death Below album. It is released on March 24, 2023.

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Reckoning Lyrics August Burns Red
Reckoning Lyrics August Burns Red

Song:– Reckoning
Singer:– August Burns Red
Featuring:– Spencer Chamberlain
Album:– Death Below
Producer:– Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland
Written:– JB Brubaker, Dustin Davidson & Matt Greiner
Label:– SharpTone Records

Reckoning Lyrics August Burns Red ft. Spencer Chamberlain

Who am I?
Flying blind
Scorching heat, black skies
Dark shadows asking “who am I?”
Left behind, pushed aside
I need order in the chaos when I’m flying blind

I know the way (you better pray)
I’ve done enough (you won’t measure up)
Looked down upon by the masses
Unending streams of ruined dreams
Empty accolades feel like razor blades
Leaving me wanting more
Never sure of my standing
My trembling feet can’t find the floor

No matter what I do
I feel I have something to prove
In a world where right and wrong don’t belong
There is no sense of what is justified

The higher I climb the further I fall
The hand that held me then now holds me down
Judgement day means reckoning for you

Give me your time
Sit down and talk
No one to point the blame when no one’s at fault

My disaster began when I looked up
On that day, all I’ve done
My disaster began when I looked up
I was both compelled and condemned

I struggle so hard
I do my best
How can I find a single solitary day of rest
Is it what you’ve done, or what you’ll do in me
I need to know so I will find peace
Belief is believing what you cannot see
Giving all you’ve got out of all that you need

Endless arguments with myself
All that remains is the shame
There’s no case to be made
Punched into total darkness
If what I’ve done imprisons me
Then your will sets me free

The villages are crumbling down
Making right what’s wrong won’t make the lost found
There’s an arbiter
No one escapes
The standard we have for others will be our fate

I’ll swallow down the words you serve me graciously
I’ve done this all before
I’ll hold it all inside until I break away
I’m tearing down the door
The fear cannot contain us all
I’ll make the cut just deep enough to sting
I just wanna break free
Rip your claws from my side
I won’t just die quietly while you prey on the innocent
I will break free

The reckoning won’t bring you hope
Death below on a tightrope
Take your hands off your life
It won’t consume you
The altar will give you life and not kill you
I set my sights on the impossible
Endless debt making grace unstoppable

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