R I P Kobe Lyrics Yung Bleu

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R I P Kobe Lyrics Yung Bleu
R I P Kobe Lyrics Yung Bleu

Song:– R.I.P Kobe

Singer/Band:– Sarkodie

Written:– Sarkodie

R I P Kobe Lyrics Yung Bleu

Smoke in my lungs
I am the one

Gotta shoota for your shoota nigga
I gotta shoota for your shoota nigga
Stay around

Ooh, no pen no pad in the booth and got the fuck off (got the fuck off)
And that nigga can’t use his head
I get it took off
Turned myself into a boss and niggas can’t ignore it
And they be tryna do the shit they know they can’t afford it
And he gon’ hit you with that stick ‘Cause bitch that’s my lil whodie
And I can’t trust you with no brick I heard you getting extorted

R.I.P Kobe nigga ballin’ like the Lakers
Just got off the phone with Meek he told me welcome to the Chasers
Intellectual fucking hoe bisexual
And I’m puffing on these vegetables

I got some in my lung
Think about the gun you gon’ die by one brrrah
Smoke in my lung I’m tryna ease my mind like oosie boo
She let me fuck and driνe the car she a booster too
Girl the way you suck that dick I can’t get use to you (I can’t get use to you)
I can’t get use to you

Gotta shoota for your shoota nigga
Gotta shoota for your shoota nigga
Gotta shoota for your shoota nigga
Yeah, yeah (pop out)(pop out)

Got them junkies pulling up like a young nigga work at popeyes (yeah)
Bitch I use the rubber so you know that baby not mines, stop lying
Bitch I’m running red lights like stop signs
I heard you a bullet nigga, I heard you would pull it nigga (oh yeah)
And I’m on they block kist like trayvon with the hoodie nigga (on gang)
and I’m shooting shots like melo with the hoodie nigga
Understood it nigga?
Teach you lil niggas how to be a boss
I don’t even gotta rap nigga
My money make money
My money make money
You niggas snake funny
You niggas ain’t living like that
You nigga ain’t getting money like that i don’t believe it
but they come full circle
I got a 50 for you 50 nigga nigga I got a 100 for your 100
Lets get it you niggas some dorks
Niggas is nervous
Real go-getta shit
I’m that nigga bitch (blue van draw)
and a nigga ain’t did shit for ya till he put you in a position to win reguardless (let me talk my shit)
I heard them niggas plotting on me ion never safe
38 special send ’em up to heaven gates, bullets flying in the wind i don’t even hesitate
Got that 40 on me I don’t finna play
I’mma catch ’em at a red light
Solo, dolo hit the headlight
Cut ’em off just like a bed light
I know these niggas scared right
I gotta piss him in his pants
My lil nigga do the murda man dance

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