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Pull Up Song Lyrics

Description:- Pull Up Lyrics DDG & Sad Frosty are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous singer DDG & Sad Frosty. This Song is from Album Happy Cult. This Song will release on 17 April 2020.

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Pull Up Lyrics DDG
Pull Up Lyrics DDG


Song:– Pull Up

Singer:– DDG & Sad Frosty

Album:– Happy Cult

Producer:– J-Storm & Astroboy

Written:– Astroboy, J-Storm, DDG & Sad Frosty

Pull Up Lyrics DDG & Sad Frosty

[Intro: Sad Frosty]
Brr, bop
Bop, bop, bop
Uh, what?
Astro got it runnin’

[Verse 1: Sad Frosty]
I’m a boss, I ain’t trippin’ if I take a L
Ksubi jeans on my ass, B.B. Simon my belt
I’m bumpin’ my collar, my new bitch a scholar
Got sixty [?] but won’t drop a dollar
Lil’ bitch sent the addy, you know we gon’ slide
DDG in the Wraith, throw my Tesla behind
My Bapestas, they clean, came with extra laces
Spent ten on my teeth but it wasn’t on braces

[Chorus: Sad Frosty]
Pull up, pull up
Two white hoes, make ’em suck my dick
Pull up, slide
Bitch send the addy then wait outside

[Verse 2: DDG]
I’m runnin’ through hoes but I go on my pace
So they show me ID ’cause I can’t catch no case
Too many hoes, I’m that nigga they chase
Hundred K on the chains, baguettes in the face
Chain gettin’ heavy, my neck gettin’ sweaty
Bad bitch gave me backend in the back of the Chevy
Blowin’ that purple, I nickname it “Jelly”
Hotboxin’ the telly, ain’t blowin’ no regi
My drip is too heavy, you can’t even cook me
I need twenty K for a show if you book me
I’m five foot ten, I need me a snookie
I just want the top and you can keep the pussy

[Verse 3: Sad Frosty]
Fiji water my cup, boy, don’t pass me no Sprite
Twenty bands in all hundreds, I made over night
Had a meeting with [?] but I missed my flight
Sent the invoice today, he still gon’ give me right
I can tell that boy broke by the way he be braggin’
Supreme Louis wallet, got my Ksubis saggin’
[?] my nuts, so my [?] might be lackin’
Your life a facade, boy, we all know you cappin’, ayy
Two mixed hoes, tell ’em ride this dick
ADHD [?] from the side of this bitch
Bitch, I got a Glock, hold a thirty, Number (N)ine for the drip
Play with Frosty, everybody down in this bitch (Bitch)
Play with Frosty, everybody dyin’ in this bitch
Fuck a broke boy bitch, break her down from the hips

[Chorus: Sad Frosty]
Pull up, pull up
Two white hoes, make ’em suck my dick
Pull up, slide
Bitch send the addy then wait outside

[Outro: Sad Frosty]
Pull up, pull up
Yeah, ayy, bitch, uh

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