Pressure Lyrics Joey Trap | STFU | KXLLSWXTCH

Pressure Lyrics Joey Trap | STFU | KXLLSWXTCH

Description:- Pressure Lyrics Joey Trap are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by Famous Singer Joey Trap Featuring KXLLSWXTCH. STFU is the album of this song. This Song will release on 21st feb 2020.

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Pressure Lyrics Joey Trap
Pressure Lyrics Joey Trap

Song:– Pressure

Singer/Band:– Joey Trap featuring KXLLSWXTCH

Lyrics Of Pressure Song By Joey Trap

Akachi in this motherfucker
Yeah, yeah, uh
(Bitch I’m on yo’ block with my cock out)
Black whip tinted, bitch, I’m feelin’ like Bruce
Pussy on elastic, when I stretch it get loose
Pull up, do damage, I’ma knock him out his shoes
Said her want smoke, then bitch, I’m feelin’ like Zeus
Don’t want pressure, pressure, pressure
Don’t want pressure, pressure, pressure
Don’t want pressure, pressure, pressure
Don’t want pressure, pressure, pressure

Her pussy stink, so I had to dismiss her
Sike, I’m still fuckin’, bounce on dick like Tiger
Give me good brain, like I’m ’bout to pop quiz her
She eat my dick up on soft, like a Twizzler
Bitch, I got a fever, no kiddin’, I’m sick, sick
Big steppers with me, need a Fitbit, hold up
Told the bitch, “Open up wide,” like she’s on it
Then print
Press the dick on her tongue, fruit roll up
Bad bitch ride me, kawasaki, go crazy
Go stupid on the dick, got her screamin’ “Leedle, leedle, leedle!”
Five knuckle shuffle on his face, John Cena
Hair spiked, got an attitude with a live Vegeta-geta-geta
Swimmin’ in the pussy, come find me, no Nemo
Run him out his pockets, bitch, I’m feelin’ like Deebo
Red beam, Darth Vader, hit ’em through the peep hole
Got shawty, all my bitches emo like Shego

[Interlude: KXLLSWXTCH]
Shego, Shego, Shego, uh
Shego, Shego, Shego, Shego
(While I have your attention, I’d like to take this time out of your day to tell you that if you don’t fuck me, could you , ever so carefully, stick my dick into your esophagus)
Shego, Shego, Shego, ayy
Uh, Shego, Shego, ayy
Shego, Shego, Shego, yeah
Shego, Shego, Shego, yeah
Shego, Shego, Shego, Shego
Shego, Shego, Shego, Shego

[Verse 2: Joey Trap]
Yeah, my bitch white, she got big dimples
Shut the fuck up, lil’ hoe, it’s simple
Now I got her mad, wanna wrestle, she’s trippin’
I won’t let money chew it over, she’s strippin’
IPhone 8, still take good pictures
Homeboy still smoke blacks and swishers
Touch my chain, might break them figures
Seen Big Chop, A’int seen five fingers
Yeah, look
Back in school, was rollin’ blunts while you was up in math
You was tryna get an A and I was ditchin’ class
You was tryna play in band while I was countin’ bands
Now my diamonds dance, got my shorty in a trance
Your bitch wanna fuck me even though she got a man
Wait, you are her mans, I guess you knew that, bitch, I-, uh
One up in her stink
Wanna fuck your shorty out, put one up in the pink
I don’t give a fuck, pull up in the pink mink
Like killercam, hella bands water new sink
Yeah, look

My bitch pussy taste like red lightsabers
Big dick, fuck her like a red lightsaber
Dark side, feelin’ like I’m Darth Vader, yeah

Bitch, you should bow my presence, all you niggas is peasants
Bottles go down, you might not get to Heaven
You niggas some sinners, don’t learn any lessons
I don’t feel pressure, you niggas ain’t pressin’
It’s pressure to me, and this pressures Oppression
Yeah, it’s depression, the pressure is pressin’, I’m pressin’

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