Out West Freestyle Lyrics BlocBoy JB

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Out West Freestyle Lyrics BlocBoy JB
Out West Freestyle Lyrics BlocBoy JB

Song:– Out West Freestyle

Singer:– BlocBoy JB

Written:– BlocBoy JB

Out West Freestyle Lyrics BlocBoy JB

[?] on the track
Yo [?], ye, go looking, go loking, ye

Raccs to my, ah
Na, I can’t start like that, damn (Huh)
Wow, wow
Here in going (Wow)
Huh, ye, huh

[Verse 1]
Raccs to my head you got two dollars
I just copped me a new mini draco for the new problems
No Biggie but they don’t who shot em
My shirt Michael Jordan its sicc with the flu collar
Im Crip don’t you question my set bitch im too proper
Grape is the set I eat steak Ion do lobster
I ain’t with the wrestling my name ain’t Umaga
Put that 9 to his bacc turn that boy into Ibaka
Put some time on yo death call that G-Shoccer
Order my shoes can’t buy em from FootLoccer
He a snitch in the hood he the neighborhood watchers
Got some Crips in the hood thats some neighborhood problems
Show no love in the hood we will body a (Bitch)
Used to wear Nautica Hollister (Shit)
Bacc in days them bitches wouldn’t hollala
Checc my Instagram two million of the followers
Add it up couple million of the dollalas
But still til this day see my op ima pop em
We don’t miss with them sticcs we don’t play bout our problems
Last nigga played with the bloc we done dropped em
I wouldn’t the type to play Coppers & Robbers I robbed with the robbers
Fought and shot guns to resolve all my problems
Never shook hands with the ops if we did then the next day we shot em
Cripping out West Cripping out West
I just smoke a blunt I don’t do the Percocets
Pass my lil homie the 50 he gone come and chop yo necc
He shot a nigga in the necc up on a Next and said watts next
Yea I used to ride a next now I ride a Mongoose
1942 used to sip that Gin juice
You know its fucc 12 even when they let my mans loose
I used to have nothing now I’m smoking in a benz coupe

Cripping out West, Cripping out West
Cri-Cri-Cri-Cri-Cri-Cripping out West, Cripping out West
Cripping out West, Cripping out West
Cri-Cri-Cri-Cri-Cri-Cripping out West, Cripping out West

[Verse 2]
I just shot a nigga cuz a nigga dissed the set
VVS Diamond up on my wrist and on my necc
What time it is im shining so my timing really wet
Been in shootouts all my life and ain’t a nigga killed me yet
Thats a bet send yo dogs and im like fetch
Threw a bullet and I hit em perfect catch (Randy Moss)
Im getting paid thats nothing less
And you the type nigga to beef bout a bitch
And im a ass nigga I ride for my gang till this day and I will never switch (Uh)

Main ian gone lie fool ian drinkin nomore im on strike

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