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My Pain Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​My Pain Lyrics Unfoonk are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer ​Unfoonk. This song is from My Struggle album. This Song will release on 18 June 2021.

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Song:– My Pain

Singer:– Unfoonk

Album:– My Struggle

Producer:– Kappa (Producer)

Written:– Unfoonk & Kappa (Producer)

Label:– Young Stoner Life & 300 Entertainment

My Pain Lyrics Unfoonk

(Kap, your name’s on the beat)

Have you ever came face-to-face staring down the devil?
Havin’ conversations daily ’cause I was goin’ against myself
Niggas said I wouldn’t make it, had to prove ’em wrong
I had life [?], but somehow I made it home
Look at God, clap for me, I done beat the odds
I got my mama sheddin’ tears, she’s sayin’ thank you Lord
Heart racin’, speedin’ up
When I heard my brother on the radio
I ran it inside, but the outside I’m cool though
People ask me daily, “Unfoonk, what’s goin’ through your mind?”
Unbalanced with the time, but somehow I’m doin’ fine
I’m tryna stick a move, just like they do in boxing
So how my calls droppin’? I feel like they watchin’
My lawyer asked me, get in touch with my co-defendant
I’m thinkin’ in my head like this nigga really trippin’
He don’t understand that the pain the caused to my family
I’m tryna move happily, but I can’t patch up the damage
My first love died when I was boxed in
A nigga stole the car, went head on, the shit within
I can’t keep my pain buried, fuck a cemetery
I’ma give you a real life story, fuck a fairy tale
My bitch cheated on me, went behind me, fucked the opp
I’m havin’ bitches different nights, tryna ease the heart
They say love bring pain, pain that’s given from God
But somehow I’m still runnin’, I just play my cards
My nephew hard as hell, tell lil’ bro stop playin’ around
Bro, you can make it very far, just let ’em hear your sound
You got a voice, nigga, show these folks that you can use it
Just let the street go ’cause they takin’ and I’ma fuckin’ lose it
The other day, me and slime was just talkin’
Had a whole conversation, on that brother-brother shit
Catchin’ up on shit lately
Then he got serious, said, “Bruh, don’t you go back”
“‘Cause if you do, you gon’ hurt the family, can’t take that”
I tried to give my bro advice, told him move swift
See there’s some hustlers out this world, gotta [?]
Me and G5 got a bond can’t nobody break
When the bullshit crack up, he gon’ move me out the way

[Outro: Unfoonk & Unknown]
Ayy [?]
Yeah, what’s up?
I was in that motherfuckin’ speakin’ ’bout knowledge, right?
Like, how a niggas was growin’ up
How y’all niggas had me, like, on track, like
Bro, you gotta get some money
But nowadays these lil’ niggas ain’t even tryna do that, bro
So you see what I told you that morning
Y’all niggas gotta get out, remember what I was tryna tell you, bruh?
Once you get to a certain level in life, bro
Like, the money’s gettin’ good, you can’t hang around no nigga that ain’t got that same mind, mindset
I already know and I’m like ‘Shit, bruh”
And I love gettin’ calls from my big brother
Same nigga who I grew, grew up lookin’ up to
“So you doin’ what you supposed to be doin’, stay focused, lil’ nigga,” you feel me?
‘Cause you know when you first came home, niggas was tryna get you to go to the studio
You really wasn’t seein’, now you seein’ the bigger picture
Ayy, this shit changed my life, every time like “[?]” like, you know what I’m sayin’?
I already know, that shit crazy

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