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Milly Rocc Song Lyrics

Description:- Milly Rocc Lyrics NLE Choppa are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous singer NLE Choppa. This Song will release on 2020.

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Milly Rocc Lyrics NLE Choppa
Milly Rocc Lyrics NLE Choppa

Song:– Milly Rocc

Singer:– NLE Choppa

Written:– NLE Choppa

Milly Rocc Lyrics NLE Choppa

I be drippin’ i’m really the freshest
She givin’ me head like a necklace
I pop a perc for lunch and dinner ooh I can’t forget breakfast
Momma say boy you too reckless
On the airplane with the Glock it’s the bag i’m checkin’
We with the shits lil n***a
Don’t run up on me cause you gonna get hit lil n***a
I’m in the show with yo b***h she up in the .. tryna take her a pic with a n***a
He say that i’m broke stop it
Hunnid racks in the backpack with a couple dollars in my pocket
And on my hip I keep a rocket
Posted on Camelot that’s on the block and i’m throwin’ up gang signs
Yo b***h up on her knees she suckin’ cock like choppa got hang time
And don’t you up on me cause when I up b***h you know imma bang mine
You know that i’m always on go I never really gave a f**k ’bout a stop sign
You was in school reading books in the bathroom I was playing with a Glock 9
B***h i’m lethal (toxic)
When it’s beef I ain’t doing no squashing (yeah)
Up the choppa make a n***a dance like he milly roccin’
And b***h i’m really in the streets like i’m hopscotchinggg

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