Intro Lyrics Kamaiyah | Got It Made

Intro Lyrics Kamaiyah | Got It Made

Description:- Intro Lyrics Kamaiyah are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by Famous Duo Kamaiyah. This song is from Got It Made Album. This Song will release on 21st feb 2020.

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Intro Lyrics Kamaiyah
Intro Lyrics Kamaiyah

Song:– Intro

Singer/Band:– Kamaiyah

Album:- Got It Made

Lyrics Of Intro Song By Kamaiyah

What’s brackin bitch not a thang
And I got gas for sale it’s that pure octane
A broke bitch sniffing cocaine
Uh the main bitch that’ll speak on my name
Since I came in, I been blangin’
It’s still same shit
Just now I got 3 chains swangin’
Y’all treat me like I’m famous
I don’t say shit
I just keep a pistol with like 8 clips
Fuck a A List, I’m tryna make a playlist
Get a home that’s spacious and never make a payment
And I could a fuck about my ex back then I wasn’t shit
And guess what I still ain’t shit, bitch
And I’m still staying dangerous
Maintaining, mackin’ and hangin’
High St 45, what I’m bangin’
This didn’t happen over night, that’s why I’m gracious, ooh
I’ma Maxwell kid nigga
Shopping at max fields nigga, uh
Was in the alleyway with it outside doing digits and I clapped at bitch niggas
Yeah my diamonds big dancing
They throw shade my way but it’s cap shit
Everything that say is all past tense
I lived past it, yeah bitch be more elaborate
No you ain’t active, uh-uh
You just pop off the lips and that’ll get yo ass smacked quick, uh
I’m relaxin, uh, big maxin, uh
And I talk my shit cause I can back it, uh
That’s facts bitch, understand bitch
That it ain’t another bitch that can match it
Hell yeah I’m ecstatic
I made my way from pallets on a floor to a mansion
Bitch you on always on sad shit
You doing bad bitch
I’m courtside, warriors Mavericks
I drop the top when I need more expansion
On a vacation on a island to the Hamptons
And I be chillin’, I be kickin’ shit
Me and my old friends hatching out our differences
My nigga on some real nigga shit
I still drink champagne with my chicken strips, ooh
I’m a self made nigga
I did everything that I done campaigned nigga
Shine so bright that you just can’t shade nigga
I’m Teflon Don that you just can’t hate nigga
But I still wish a bitch would hoe
You getting pressed and getting push on
I’m at the crib getting good dome
While my main callin’ me and I’m like “Fuck, shit, which phone?”
To go against me, you need a wishbone
But yo wish won’t get granted bitch shit, no
I ain’t the type you could shit on
‘Cause if you try that shit, you know which way this shit could go, ooh

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