Industrial Revolution Lyrics YungManny

Industrial Revolution Lyrics YungManny

Industrial Revolution (Industry Baby Freestyle) Song Lyrics

Description:- Industrial Revolution Lyrics YungManny are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer ​Young Nudy. This Song will release on 4 August 2021.

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Industrial Revolution Lyrics YungManny
Industrial Revolution Lyrics YungManny

Song:– Industrial Revolution (Industry Baby Freestyle)

Singer:– Young Nudy

Producer:– Winiss Beats

Written:– Mojo Krazy, Gucci Mane & Young Nudy

Industrial Revolution Lyrics YungManny

Winiss (Hey)

What you doin’? What’s your body?
Who you with? This my party
Found my target, John J. Gotti
Caught my eye, illuminati
The specimen no one’s findin’
Made me research, biologic
Don’t know what it is ’bout you, but I can feel it in my body
No need for that stressing girl, let me take you to an island
Book you for first C, you ain’t never sat close to the pilot
Snorkel on her, scuba diving
Always gotta wrap it up just in case that shit got millage
Popped too many Percocets, thought it wasn’t workin’, yeah
[?] some Migos to it, now a nigga earning back
Damn, I need a plastic bag, take my to my fuckin’ bed
Said that I’m gon’ detox, but I probably won’t end up doin’ that
I’m used to that, I probably ain’t through with that
I told my ex [?] that
[?] always wanna do me bad
Toxic city comin’, I do the dash
Do the dash, know I got door dash
Good for that and I ain’t tryna put up with that, news flash
YungManny don’t chase sacks unless your last name Franklin, yeah
I dropped my mental records way before my balls drop
Niggas can’t relate, they think I’m braggin’ ’cause they ain’t on, nah
She gon’ suck it nonstop like Aubrey said on Scorpion
My trap record glorious, my face card is glorious
She say, “Manny, you lyin’ to me,” but I ain’t even never watch Narnia
Somebody tell Zendaya she’s the only reason I watch Euphoria
Your attention to the body, baby, I need more of ya
I need more of ya, I want more of ya, I want more of ya, more of ya
Get your racks up, baby, throw it faster
Get up right behind ya, do it slow like I’m your master
Don’t want no city girl, please don’t act up
Your know your house [?], don’t make me pack your bags up
I ain’t no rapper, I’m gon’ really whack ya
She ain’t pay her student loans, spent 10K on a fat butt
You need to let your friends go, baby, that’s a bad bunch
That’s a bad, baby, that’s a bad, ba, huh
I don’t know how I ain’t number one, there ain’t a nigga like me
Heard you niggas getting mill’s, I should’ve got a bill’ for signing
That shit ain’t fair, but life ain’t fair, that’s why I’m still grinding
That’s why I’m still here, why I trust God’s timing
I ain’t gonna let y’all keep actin’ like I ain’t him
Bitch, I’m him, forty on my waist
4G on my rim
Look at this, I done came a long way from my branch in [?] hills
Came on from [?]
Look at me, mama, I did it

Look at me, mama, I did it
Look at me, mama, I did it
Look at me, mama, I did it
I did it

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