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Homecoming Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Homecoming Lyrics Daddex are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Daddex. This song is from Cosey’s World album. This Song will release on 21 August 2020.

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Homecoming Lyrics Daddex
Homecoming Lyrics Daddex

Song:– Homecoming

Singer:– Daddex

Album:– Cosey’s World

Producer:– OFASHO

Written:– Daddex

Label:– EMPIRE

Homecoming Lyrics Daddex


I was outside tryna stay out the cage
Who knew the police who get in my way
I’m in the house, you know that I ain’t safe
I can’t go out without looking both ways
Ride ’round the corner where I used to skate
[?] after school and play ball everyday
This world got colder the second you left
Tried to move forward, but tears on my face
Gotta thank God for the time that he gave
This for my brother, put that on my name
I can’t complain ’cause I’m still here today
That’s on my daughter that I’ma get paid
I wanna move my pops out by that lake
I want my nephew and niece to be straight
I want my mom with no stress on her plate
I want my grandmother to know I was great
Everyday I think ’bout what it’s gon’ take
I’m on my way to put racks in the bank
I [?] pull up in a Wraith
Then hop out with [?] on a private plane
Can’t see the time, but I can see these diamonds
My future bright that’s the reason I’m shining
Can’t do the fake and I ain’t got the time and
I’m tryna take a trip and change the climate
R.I.P. [?], I miss him
And I miss my brother Quinn, ayy
They was really some go-getters, ayy
We was trappin’ out the city, ayy
Pull up on me with the set
[?] shop it up just like the old days
I’m still stuck up in my old ways
Sometimes people never go and change
I wish that I could bring Cosey back
I love you, I wanna tell brodie that
I tell your moms that I got her back
I tell your pops that I got his back
Life a lil’ bullshit and that’s a fact
Why keep your head up on me for that
I got your kids when I touch my first million
I swear that’s on God we ain’t lookin’ back
I used to run up a set with my brother
Now I lookin’ up as in “God why?”
Have you ever seen a dog cry?
Used to stay up geekin’ all night
But that’s on [?] I can never stop
I’m chashin’ paper like I’m on a clock
Don’t give a fuck ’bout a fiend or a thot
I’m tryna put my daughter on a yacht

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