Hero 2 Zero / Zero 2 Hero Lyrics ​​wifisfuneral

Hero 2 Zero / Zero 2 Hero Lyrics

Description:- Hero 2 Zero / Zero 2 Hero Lyrics ​​wifisfuneral are Provided in this article. The track is lead by wifisfuneral. This Track belongs to 4MonthBingeBeforeRevenge album. It is released on September 23, 2022.

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Hero 2 Zero / Zero 2 Hero Lyrics ​​wifisfuneral
Hero 2 Zero / Zero 2 Hero Lyrics ​​wifisfuneral

Song:– Hero 2 Zero / Zero 2 Hero

Singer:– wifisfuneral

Album:– 4MonthBingeBeforeRevenge

Producer:– wifisfuneral

Written:– wifisfuneral

Hero 2 Zero / Zero 2 Hero Lyrics ​​wifisfuneral

Welcome back Wifisfuneral

And so this what had happened
I had fell from the top who’d imagined
Led me deep to the pit of Atlantis
Had the world in my hands, but I panicked
And I’m pretty sure I’m schizophrenic, cause voices on voices pop up in my head
I done ate about 400 pills in about like five days and I’m pretty sure, bro, that I’m ‘posed to be dead
How you die off the perc? I’m alive I don’t get it
Guess I do junkie shit, fit the description
Still I suppress all the pain and prescription
Know you still talking what led to addiction
And my daddy did this with a bottlе, but shit I do this with the pills
From the bando the bricks wе was on move for real
Feel like I’m drowning, and nobody see it
Would you still wanna be me, if all you was seeing was vultures and leeches?
That you thought that was your family, but ain’t play it even
Said I hold this shit down with this dream that we chasing
They want me dead like a memory vacant
But shit, I just keep it on hush ’til we meet in locations
And I been living dead, I just said don’t cremate me
I been trashing on hoes, I ain’t loving no lady
I been pulling up tonkas, them shits been outdated
Perc and the xan turn me Neo, The Matrix
Needles the skin, fuck the J’s when they basic
Anything came out my mouth, never basic
Hit that lil’ thot from the front now she shakin’
That crown gotta take it, them pills had me waitin’
But shit, bitch I’m Batman, it’s time meet your maker
Just took thirty minutes for this shit to kick in
I’m in your city with two sticks, they hittin’

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