Head Knees and Shoulders Lyrics Potter Payper

Head Knees and Shoulders Song Lyrics

Description:- Head Knees and Shoulders Lyrics Potter Payper ft. Clavish are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by ​Potter Payper. This song is from Thanks For Hating album. This song will release on February 23, 2024.

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Head Knees and Shoulders Lyrics Potter Payper
Head Knees and Shoulders Lyrics Potter Payper

Song:– Head Knees and Shoulders
Singer:– Potter Payper
Featuring:– Clavish
Album:– Thanks For Hating
Producer:– lucidbeatz, Manson Beats & Zyan
Written:– Potter Payper & Clavish
Label:– 36 The Label & EGA Records

Head Knees and Shoulders Lyrics Potter Payper ft. Clavish

That’s Chucks

[Verse 1: Potter Payper]
I got mitts for the low tape, two for six
Don’t you know I’m in the ugly with some lunatics?
I peeled off lot, AP on my movers shit
I told broski “Are you broke? You better choose a strip”
I’m gettin’ bigger for my boots, these shoes used to fit
He thinks it’s gangster ’cause he’s in a couple music vids
I’m at the bottom of the map with some ruthless kids
And I still got ’em in the trap, puttin’ food in bits
I’m landin’ so much **** that I think I’m the plug
I buy drugs off kids, and they don’t know that I’m their plug
Bog station, I used to wash the inner nose in the tub
I ain’t goin’, it’s becah’ I can’t get the poles in the club
How’s he rappin’ like that when he knows he’s a mug
Can’t be trappin’ like that, two phones in the grub
They know Potter, man I’m head, knees and shoulders above
And I’m 36 the label ’til I’m cold in the mud

[Verse 2: Clavish]
The way we done it, bait face, broad days like we want the charge
Really and truly, I wanted him, I didn’t want his darg
But his darg wasn’t fast
She shocked to hold guns
But she don’t mind stayin’ ’round bells like the Hunchback of Notre Dame
A face shot from my knife will leave you ugly
But some face shots from the .9 will make your frame shift
I think about my niggas that are dead, then the pain kicks
I still go [?] in the AM on my bait strip
Rambo on my hip, on my waist, shit
I used to be that kid that cooked the stuff like [?] would
When you on basic
And even though I shouldn’t, on my block I feel the safest
My flick knife is stainless
Go check my status, not the type to write a statement
Catch me slippin’ and record me, you basically a F-A-N, not a paigon
Got it on us in the car, gun boys right behind, but I was taught you don’t panic
Me and bro, a quarter million in jewels, of course we brang it
Double-tapped it, give me no more than a week, I probably bang it
And my youngins don’t play, so just be careful where you hangin’
Don’t be talkin’ on the net, ’cause I’ll just add you to my tally
My side ting, sexy, but she sassy
Got a ratchet in my trackie, used to line up in the alley
Wish I had that Allie, lickin’ Ally Pally, my next watch probably a Paddy
Got a link for an SK, but it’s all the way in Manny
My posh ting said I’m too gangy

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