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Frontline Song Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​Frontline Lyrics Lil Poppa are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous singer Lil Poppa. This Song will release on 22 April 2020.

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Frontline Lyrics Lil Poppa
Frontline Lyrics Lil Poppa

Song:– Frontline

Singer:– Lil Poppa

Producer:– Yung Ting & youngkimj

Written:– Lil Poppa

Frontline Lyrics Lil Poppa

Kim J ballin’ on these hoes, huh?
Yung Ting, you goin’ crazy

[Verse 1]
I promise I won’t fall for no sucka shit (Never)
And if you talkin’ murder then we lovin’ it
But your street cred don’t mean shit when it’s over with (When it’s over with)
‘Cause them white folks only know you by your government
And it’s forever fuck them niggas
Still ain’t worried about that opp
I should’ve never trust them niggas
But he gon’ get it just for the fuck of it
‘Cause I ain’t got it I ain’t your dawg no more
Watchin’ you fuckin’ with me
I told him here to slide, I don’t know where I’m finna lay (Finna lay)

If you catch a nigga on that frontline then you buss
One shooter just came home from doin’ time, he kinda rest
Kanye told me “You gotta take your time, why you rushin’?”
And through the truth I see a bunch of lies, I don’t trust it
And it was hard times, bills late
I got a million some changed
Gigi whip it out the [?] right in my face
And they know I ain’t lyin’, a nigga play
He go down in broad day
Tryna put a pussy nigga in his place

[Verse 2]
Tryna send a pussy nigga outer space
Heaven gates, [?] straight
CP3 okay, and baby tell your grade
He can go down anytime, any place that I say
A lotta shit I won’t say
Tell them niggas dig up their grave
My niggas military mind and they won’t slide without them case
No one steppin’ for them [?]
He catch it I’m sendin’ plans
I told him if you catch him [?] I’m in the Wraith
And it’s some shit he do out of love, ain’t ’bout to pay
Say this some shit he do for the fun, knock off his face
I got different hoes tellin’ me they love me out the state
And no we don’t [?]
I can’t lie on cameras, slippin’ I was [?]
‘Cause you know when I caught him sleepin’ with his babe

I’m tryna send a pussy nigga outer space
Heaven gates, [?] straight
CP3 okay, and baby tell your grade
Hmm-hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm-hmm
Hmm-hmm, I need that, hmm

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