flare Lyrics heylog

flare Song Lyrics

Description:- flare Lyrics heylog are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by ​heylog. This song will release on May 8, 2024.

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flare Lyrics heylog
flare Lyrics heylog

Song:– flare
Singer:– heylog
Producer:– heylog
Written:– heylog

flare Lyrics heylog


[Verse 1]
When my body’s lyin’ in place
Every memory of you melt away
The road was stable, now it’s rough
‘Cause I’m startin’ to let you back up

Ooh-ooh, fine
At least I tried
Bright light
Your piece of mind
I am okay
You wanna see what I’m made of?
I’m not the same
You wanna see what I’m capable of?

[Verse 2]
I start to feel like nothing
Why does everything slip through my hands?
People think I’m sad but bitch, I’m not
It just looks like I am
Can’t go out
I look like I got eczema on top my face
Every time I sweat, it starts to sting
Even with tallow paste

[Verse 3]
Flare up, then get better, do it all over again
Red around the center, I’m not tryna screw with it
You don’t even wanna know what it’s like being me
Every second, always stressin’, and always worrying

I rest your soul by my side
‘Cause I know I’ll sleep just fine
I barely see anyone
If it’s just you, I don’t mind
I’m upstairs makin’ some sounds
Nah, this mixed never too loud
Want this shit piercin’ my ears
Until it rings so severe
Until it—

[Instrumental Outro]

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