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Chopsticks Song Lyrics

Description:- ​Chopsticks Lyrics Lil Pump & Smokepurpp are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by Famous Singer/Band Lil Pump & Smokepurpp. This song is form Gucci Gang album. This Song will release on 2020.

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Chopsticks Lyrics Lil Pump
Chopsticks Lyrics Lil Pump

Song:– Chopsticks

Singer/Band:– Lil Pump & Smokepurpp

Album:– Gucci Gang

Written:– Lil Pump & Smokepurpp

Chopsticks Lyrics Lil Pump & Smokepurpp

Lyrics from snippet

[Intro: Smokepurpp]
Glizzy, what you cookin’ up?
Purpp, Pump
Ball out
Yeah (B-B-Bankroll got it)

[Verse 1: Smokepurpp]
Bitch, I’m hangin’ out the window like the laundry (Laundry)
Big choppa fold a nigga like the laundry (Blit, blit)
Popped a 30 and they thought I was a zombie
Stole the pack from my grandma, told her, “Sorry” (Hey)
Street nigga, whack a nigga for a house (Uh)
Rob your house, take on nap on your couch (On your couch, yeah)
All these VV’s on my neck like a jet ski (Yeah)
Pop a nigga like a brand new Pepsi (Hey)
I OD’d on the Wock’ then came back to life (Uh)
He don’t need CPR, I’ma be alright (Yeah)
Me and Pump in the hood, making bitches fight (Bitch)
And you know I keep a dick like a [?] dyke (Blit)
Stole the MAC away from the motel (Motel)
[?], Mr. Krabs’ shell (Blit, blit)
Took a bitch to Uganda and she stay there
She ain’t suckin’ dick then I’ll leave her in the motel
Wait, she suckin’ dick? (Huh?)
We in the plane, turn around with the stick (Blit, blit)
I paid 50 thousand for this fit
Nasty ass hoe made my feet smell like shit (Hey)

[Verse 2: Lil Pump]
You a bum ass nigga, you ain’t got shit (Huh?)
I’m a rich ass nigga with a chopstick (Gang)
Them .223’s get your block hit (Bang)
Beat the pussy up like I play for the Marlins (Ah)
And I got the same bitch with the same kid (Ooh)
I just popped up 30 Percs in the mosh pit (Chyeah)
Dive in the pussy, I’m goin’ kick, boy
Rob a nigga in his own house, he ain’t know shit
Diamonds on my teeth, flawless (Flawless)
If I see a nine, I’mma drop it
Ooh, she sipped a pint, had an abortion
I just shot the engineer and now there ain’t no recordin’
Keep my auntie in the head, my mistake (Huh?)
‘Cause I found out that she sip the whole way (Uh, uh)
I’m the type of nigga to go spit on your face
I heard that she divorced so I bust in her face (Broom)
Been had a choppa since first grade (Huh?)
Second grade, third grade, fourth…

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