Boy Toy Lyrics Robb BankS Ft. Doe Boy

Description:- Boy Toy Lyrics Robb BankS Ft. Doe are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous singer Robb BankS. This Song is from Album FALCONIA ARC 1: CONVICTION This Song will release on April 2020.

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Boy Toy Lyrics Robb BankS
Boy Toy Lyrics Robb BankS

Song:– Boy Toy

Singer:– Robb BankS

Featuring:– Doe Boy


Producer:– Richie Souf

Written:– Richie Souf, Doe Boy & Robb Bank$

Boy Toy Lyrics Robb BankS Ft. Doe Boy

[Intro: Robb Bank$]
Uh, uh (What?)
Uh, uh

[Verse 1: Robb Bank$]
Call me boy toy (YUH)
Made your bitch pop that pussy off her Android (YUH)
Got a lick, yeah, she ready for a bath, boy (YUH, YUH)
Kept ya reading, [?} like a tabloid
I’m coming for you, telling them stories about the bird, boy (AH-AAAH)
I’m flyin, [?], and I’m on Zodd, boy (Ya dig)
Dig this, money making on the fye, boy
Ya ain’t got no guns, y’all ain’t get no funds, Femto don’t lie, boy (HUH)
I sacrifice, I cut them ties, she say I’m cute, boy (YUH, YUH, YUH)
Nah, I’m sexy (YUH, YUH)
{?] to you (YUH)
Sold to a midget (Ya dig)
I’m in the coupe, coupe (RAAAWR)
30 bitches (RAAAH RAAAH)
Diamonds Froot Loops, serve ya breakfast (YUH, YUH, ya dig)
And I run them racks up, like RiRi
And I’m in the bando, with a fefe (YUH, YUH)
And she got a lil dog, named Kishi (YUH, YUH)
On a Xan, imma ball, when I squeeze it (YUH, YUH)
Yeah, I’m in her stomach, hoe
Stick it in ya holy hole
Imma hold your camel toe
While I’m watching Naruto (RAAAWR)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Yeah, let her breathe, let dat bitch breathe
Uh, let’s get it

[Chorus: Robb Bank$ & Doe Boy]
Told her I’m a heartbreak, I’m a heartbreaker
Told her I’m a heartbreak, I’m a heartbreaker
What color your heart, bae? I want all flavors
I do not wear no cape, I cannot save you
Suck it til your jaws ache, let the taste savor
Put you in a new Wraith, and that bitch paid for
And I got that work, bae, give ya hard labor
Bitch said that I’m sexy, I said I’m a heartbreaker (Freebandz)

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