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Bad News Song Lyrics

Description:- Bad News Lyrics Hotboii are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Hotboii. This song is from Blinded By Death album. This song will release on 29 July 2022.

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Bad News Lyrics Hotboii
Bad News Lyrics Hotboii

Song:– Bad News

Singer:– Hotboii

Album:– Blinded By Death

Producer:– Pro Beats, Skolo & G06 Beatz

Written:– Pro Beats, Skolo, G06 Beatz & Hotboii

Label:– Geffen Records, Rebel Music & Interscope Records

Bad News Lyrics Hotboii

I just got a bad phone call, bad news
Isolate myself, I’m headed to the back room
Just to let some steam off, I gotta write
If I stay ’round all these niggas in this bitch, then I’ma fight
I done fought so many times in one week that it ain’t right
I been stayin’ up late night thinkin’ ’bout life
I really wanna buy you anything that you like
But do you like me or is it the fame you like?
Had a bad phone call, I heard
That my nigga ‘nem got roped off, what’s the word?
Yeah, you say your ridin’ and it sound like you do
But I know you ain’t ridin’, you be lyin’ like you do
I know what’s up with you
Know I’m that nigga in the streets, you wanted me to stop with you
I had a plan B and C, add some couple too
And if B don’t work, then I’m goin’ straight to C
And if C don’t work, then I’m droppin’ straight D
Was tryna stop switchin’ [?][1:00], I had to rеtire
Fuck nigga, your rap game old, they need to rеtire
Including you, I had so many niggas tryna reach out
They ain’t fuck with me, but now they on they knees now, haha
Why these rap niggas so funny to me?
Remember I was the underdog, but now they honoring me
Ain’t nobody give me shit but a cold shoulder
If I wasn’t who I was today, I would’ve frozed over
And these bitches ain’t gon’ ride, they ain’t got no motor
“Hotboii, you should’ve just listened when your bros told you”
Yeah, I know, yeah, I see more as I grown older
I like my bitches hot as me, pussy with no odor
“Hotboii, you got that flow, boy”
“And you know all these niggas gon’ bite, you already know, boy”
It’s a whole lot of piranhas in the O, boy
And if this rap shit don’t work, then I’m a dope boy
I been thinkin’ ’bout my future, it’s been lookin’ bright
FaceTime me with that pussy, what it’s lookin’ like?
If you was ridin’ past [?][1:43]
Baby girl cut me deep with a butcher knife
Look left and right ‘fore you cross a nigga
They gon’ let this rap shit come and boss a nigga
Ho, that pussy ain’t too tight, you ain’t did nothin’ with someone
Lil’ green bitch, I don’t know how I blessed you with a son
You asleep, I was in the booth ’round two somethin’
You would think I got ADHD, I’m always doin’ somethin’
But I wasn’t doin’ nothin’, countin’ money or I’m doin’ her
She know I’m a dog, to be the bone and I’ma chew it up (Yeah)
Label me abusive ’cause I beat the clock too
Right before the buzzer, bullets fly, shells drop too
Why I got to go hard? ‘Cause I’m not you, I got to (Yeah)
Baby, if you hang around with thots, you a thot too
I like to be chopped, screwed
Just so I can feel it out your mind, but I don’t chat, boo
She just wanna kick it, hold me down, had her holdin’ up, but she couldn’t wait a minute
That’s the same bitch, when I was hittin’ it, I was stayin’ in it (Stayin’ in it)
Ho, I got you litty (Got you litty, yeah)
Don’t ever forget it (Don’t ever forget it, yeah)
Everything happen for a reason (It do)
I’ma ball out four season

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